Treat your body like the altar that it is. Provide it with nourishment, offerings, love, attentive care, and worship.”



Creating a Morning Ritual Practice

The way we start our morning is vital to the rest of the day. Even small changes of rituals can help set the tone and have lasting effect. But what is a ritual? A Ritual is a sequence of activities that is repeated with regularity. These can help each day feel grounded and can help us feel connected with ourselves and our space. 

A ritual practice is going to be as unique as you are! So feel free to make it your own. There is no right way or wrong way to set up a practice. Items that you choose to have in say, a morning ritual, do not have to be elaborate. Make the “everyday” feel sacred. Making your bed can be a ritual! Lighting a candle and picking up your journal first thing every morning can greatly help pour into the cup of yours. 

One of the hardest  parts of making change is.. getting started! Spend time thinking through which changes you will make and create a specific plan. Be honest with yourself about what chances you canmake when starting off. Stay with it! It takes a bit of time for your brain to get used to the new system. Commit to doing a ritual practice for a month and then re-evaluate how you are feeling. Craft something that works for your brain, heart, and spirit. 

 Our goal is to support women in moving towards wellness and we know that our morning routine is vital! So we have created a Morning Ritual Workbook that we would love to give to you! This workbook you will find a complete guide to establishing a morning ritual practice that is right for you!

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