Southern California Wellness Retreats for Women

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Why Choose Grow & Gather?

Grow & Gather offers a curated space of nourishment, grounding, and realignment as we come together in community as women were meant to gather. So come as you are, pull up a cushion, and we will hold space for you. 

High quality, Intimate Wellness retreats

Find community with other incredible women

Intentional and curated space to help you feel nurtured, connected and rejuvenated

Take Care of You

Grow & Gather events are designed with you in mind. 

Wellness retreats

Whether you are looking for a one day retreat or a 4 day getaway, we offer varying experiences to meet your needs. Our luxurious wellness retreats are designed with community connection in mind. Come relax with a sound bath, get into nature, and find your new village. 

Corporate Retreats

We specialize in curating relationships and setting the space to enhance team cohesion, improve communication, and fostering a positive company culture. Our corporate retreats provide employees with an opportunity to step away from their daily routines and engage in activities that promote creativity and collaboration. 

Moon Circles

We know the importance of ritual and celebration in the day to day. Join us as we reflect, release, and manifest while honoring the cycle of the moon. 

You Deserve It

Maybe you are a mom or someone in the helping profession, but we are betting you spend a lot of time taking care of others. You need a space dedicated solely to you! Come let us take care of you and support you in the way you deserve to be held.



"I loved the welcoming and safe space that April and Lena created at the retreat. I felt like I was given emotional support and practical tools to better myself that were grounded in reality. It was so nice to unwind from my busy daily life and to set aside the time to focus on myself. I also had so much fun making new friends and felt supported when trying new things."

"Being a part of Grow and Gather felt like finding my “found family”. The bond that we created during our time together was truly special and something that I will cherish forever."

"One of my fondest memories was when Lena knocked on my door and said “it’s time” whether it was time for dinner or time for a massage. Or how we all were having so much fun and excitement and laughed so hard my belly hurt.."

Come On In

Schedule in Time to Take Care of You