Three women sit around a table crafting. They are painting onto taper candles with candle wax.


Mom’s Go to Retreats

What happens when moms make the magical decision to go to a retreat? Well… magic! Over the past two years we have hosted several retreats and a lot of the attendees are moms. And that makes complete sense! Being a mom means being on call 24/7, with very little or no breaks (and grocery shopping and showering do not count as a break!). So it is needed! 

Enter a long weekend away where EVERYTHING, and I mean everything is taken care of for you. Picture this: you drive up to a gorgeous house set in nature. You are welcomed with a warm smile and open arms. After being shown to your room, you find a welcome gift full of goodies designed to help you feel nurtured. You gather with other like minded women and feel the flow of oxytocin that is so very needed to help fill your cup. You enjoy sound baths, movement and light yoga, dance parties, women’s circles, and most importantly…meals! All the food you eat is made for you. That’s right, you don’t lift a finger to cook or clean. Almost sounds too good to be true. And after all of those luxurious experiences, you find yourself empowered through a self love photoshoot and in deep relaxation with a full body massage. 

This… this is what moms need. So it is no surprise to us when we can see the shift in tension as the weekend goes on. It is no surprise to us when we see women gathering and making truly deep connections. It is no surprise to us when real healing and nurturing is witnessed. Because coming back to being in a community of women is what we are meant to do. 

Our retreats are for all women and not just moms! We gather across various locations in Southern California to retreat together. But when we have a mom book a retreat, we know, she will be right in her element.